The Southern Anglican

April 2015

Christ is Risen, Alleluia!

There are some words in our liturgy which remain untranslated, for in them we who worship today join which those who have prayed through millennia of time.

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February-March 2015

Making Room

No one is welcomed by an induction program or by designated welcomers, no matter how caring an individual welcomer may be. People know that they are welcome when the community that they are visiting makes room for them. It is not by notices proclaiming that this is ‘A Welcoming Church’orby warm and friendly documents explain the life of the Parish that people feel welcome.

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December 2014

We need to rest and be renewed

Susanna Wesley was a remarkable woman. The mother of 19 children, ten of whom survived to adulthood, she is perhaps best known as the mother of John and Charles Wesley. The story of her life is an extraordinary account of a strong and passionate woman; it involves tragedy, human brokenness and deep faith.

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October 2014

Fear, community and vocation

In my address to Synod this year I wanted to highlight three important matters; confronting fear, considering community and engaging in our vocation. What follows is an edited summary of what I wrote. *

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August 2014

Growing together in hope and prayer

Year by year we come together as a Diocese to share a time of reflection and study called ‘Growing Together’. This year is an excellent program based on the Book of Ruth which draws us deeper into the hope of God’s promises and loving relationships. Every parish in the Diocese is invited to share in this time together and I hope that you will be able to participate in some way.

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June - July 2014

Reflecting in Season

I have been talking recently of the difference between our prayerful reflectionduring Lent and during the Easter Season. One writer has described it as 40 daysof preparation for 50 days of celebration, and there is much that is true in such anobservation. What interests me is the manner of the preparation and the mannerof the celebration.

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April 2014

New Life… Again

There are two strongly opposing ideas about repetition in the life of the Church; one is that repetition devalues that which is being repeated, the other is that repetition enhances and deepens our appreciation of what is being done. As is often the case in such matters, the people of God tend to both extremes at the same time.

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Feb - March 2014

A Welcoming Church

The work of Basil of Caesarea (c.330 to 379) is unlikely to be the first thing you think of if people are talking about being a welcoming church. But if we are to have a welcome which is something more than a casual wave across the room, or a few well-chosen words before a service it is worth looking at Basil’s legacy.

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December 2013

Thoughts for a New Year

Christmas comes early in the Church Year, and just before a new calendar year begins, so it is a time to think a little of what lies before us. This is not to of resolutions to be made and somehow lost within the early days of January, but of Christ's constant invitation to return to core of our faith and to renew our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Tricia 2014