New Day Cursillo Newsletter

March 2014

We are the Body of Christ - and everyone one of us is needed!

The Apostle Paul knew the rich diversity and challenge of Gods blessing in community. Reading his first letter to the Corinthians there can be no doubt that the pain of sharing life is writ large within the community. There is dissension, rivalry, antagonism, and division. And yet here, in the midst of all the mess of life for the people of Corinth, Paul offers a wonderful celebration of life together.

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December 2013

What to give this Christmas

As Christians who have experienced a Cursillo weekend, and are now on our Fourth Day, what can we give this Christmas?

One of the constant themes of the weekend, Group Reunion and Ultreya is the importance of story and encouragement, and while tangible gifts are often the immediate measure of Christmas I think that story and encouragement meet much deeper needs.

Our expectations of Christmas are formed by story: the great story of God who comes to us, vulnerable as a child; and the cultural and family stories of whatChristmasshould be like. As people who have encountered Cursillo we know how powerful stories are. Many of us have wept as we have learned the deep stories of others; sharing places of pain, touches of God, and moments of healing.

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Tricia 2014