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11 February 2017

The Diocese of Bunbury acknowledges the grave seriousness of the crimes committed by Raymond Cheek. We also recognise and share the continuing pain and distress that has arisen from the apparent lightness of the sentence of imprisonment announced on Friday. Mr Cheek has been deposed from Holy Orders, the greatest penalty available to the Church. In our commitment to ensuring a safe Church for all people we urge that those convicted of crimes of child sexual abuse be required to bear the full judicial weight of the offence. A letter to this effect is being sent to the relevant authority. The Diocese of Bunbury has zero tolerance for child abuse and will respond fully to every complaint made. We encourage any person who has suffered abuse who has not yet done so to let us know of the offence. This can be done directly to the police; through our Director of Professional Standards, Ms Tracie Chambers-Clark; or by speaking directly to our diocesan office.

Bishop Allan Ewing February 11, 2017

8 February 2017

Bishop Allan’s latest letter To The People of the Diocese is here.

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Sunday 5th February 2017

Bishop Allan visited Secret Harbour Anglican Church to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of their new church building.

Saturday 4th February 2017

Bishop Allan presided at a celebratory service at St Boniface Cathedral, Bunbury, which included the installation of the Revd Canon Linley Mathews-Want as a Canon of the Cathedral and the ordination of Karen Cave to the dioconate.

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